I fell hard for the physical rush and absolute calm of the yoga practice.

After years of racing from the office to classes before and after work, I hopped an aeroplane to spend a year exploring the diverse yoga culture of downtown New York City. My classes are creative, considered, flavoured with Ayurveda and poetry, Taoism and myth, and infused with my love of the evocative power of language.

Co founder of Yoga Cucina, combining delectable yoga with seriously good food and wine in unique adventures around Australia, I believe that we can find consciousness in a shared experience, hands in the air or wrapped around a glass of wine.

As former marketing manager of Sydney's iconic BodyMindLife studios, I created an intelligent and accessible brand voice that captured a unique and diverse audience, both locally and abroad. With a playful and inclusive vision, I blazed a path that drew from the best in yoga, music, meditation and philosophy to punctuate the traditional studio offering with regular workshops, trainings and events, and form strong partnerships with the best international teachers and brands including Yoga Journal and the ABC.

Join me on retreat at Yoga Cucina, one on one for a private session, a class at BodyMindLife, Sona Yoga and Flow Athletic or for a croissant at Fratelli Paradiso.